The Pattern Whisperer  

My name is Anne Whalley and I am passionately focused on providing image makeover services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.


  • Sewing Mentor Program

  • Public & Motivational Speaker

  • Sewing Workshops       

My Sewing History

I was drawn into fashion at an early age.  When I started working I found it more gratifying to make Vogue clothes than to buy them retail. This allowed my creative juices to flow experimenting with colours, patterns & textiles.  Making my own clothes styled by some of the best designers in the world allowed me the freedom to make clothes that not only fitted me but also looked great.

I have been creating "new wardrobes" since my early 20's.  One such early collection happened to turn the head of the man I was to marry.  That was unexpected and has been a good decision for nearly 30 years and two ,all grown up children. 

After many years of learning, through trial & error, I found I needed the help of experts to help solve some of my fashion questions.  So I took up formal studies at the Melbourne College of Textiles & Fashion Design in 1984. I found that being under the guidance and watchful eye of experts very fulfilling & rewarding. This opened my eyes to a more structured approach of finding fashion.  I could now continue my adventure in fashion design with new eyes & a sense of what works and what doesn't.

So for nearly three decades I have continued to find fulfillment in helping people find outfits for special events, wardrobe makeovers, creating & making stylish clothes for myself & family.  

Past Vice President Melbourne Chapter AICI The Association of Image Consultants International.  I love sharing my passion. You can book me as an entertaining, motivational style speaker!  To see me in action you can look at my latest Youtube on my Five Wardrobe Basics!


Anne Whalley - The Pattern Whisperer, Image Consultant