Getting to know yourself!

Before you get married it is advisable to get pre marriage counselling.  I had one session!  It was intense and made me think about questions I hadn't ever considered.  It was a wake up call.  I had never had a five year plan or even thought about whether or not I wanted children. I was living in the moment each day.  The only plans I made were wardrobe plans.  

I would purchase my fashion magazines weekly and pour over them.  I used  these magazines as inspiration and could then work out what I wanted to wear.  I know what I like.  The three ingredients to my personal style recipe are : Drama, Comfort & Creative!  I wonder what your personal style recipe is?  Think about it and let me know!

Thinking about other aspects of my life I realize that these ingredients are evident in the man I fell in love with and my house as well.  These aspects help me make decisions that I am glad I made.  

The clothes that didn't have all three of these ingredients are long gone.  This is why I wear 95% of my wardrobe the other 5% are too formal to be worn on an everyday basis.

Knowing yourself means when you go shopping you aren't swayed by:

  • your friend's taste
  • the retail assistant's target sales quota
  • you don't settle for unsuitable clothes
  • you feel comfortable in your outerwear
  • your clothes represent the real you
  • your colors enhance you

Don't believe that clothes don't matter and that people will discover who you really are when they get to know you.  They may not have that much time!  A simple scarf, dramatic shoes, an outfit that is ironed, clean clothes, flattering outfits, appropriate clothes for the occasion and thoughtfully put together.  Check your full length mirror before you leave home.  Do what you can with what you have.  Be bothered and enjoy the day you have prepared for yourself!


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