Invisible zips are meant to be Invisible....not You!!

Blending into the crowd is handy if you are on the run from the police!



What happens to our bodies:

  • Not as lithe as they used to be
  • Thickening at the waistline
  • Gravity pulling everything down to the ground
  • Eyebrows fading
  • Hair greying
  • Thinning eyebrows, eyelashes, hair
  • Skin getting Red in patches
  • Wrinkles
  • Mobility issues
  • ETC


That's reality for you! Not all of us experience all of these challenges but we all experience some form of change that pushes us away from centre stage.


We don't want to look 20 we just want to be served at a counter, listened to, included and SEEN!



There are stories that I hear every day that would curl your hair! After time, being Invisible becomes normal. Substandard customer service and allowing the able bodied to have the pavement while the invisible take the grass....oh there are so many more examples...

Don't be afraid to stand out!

Don't be afraid to stand out!

I will say that this situation is able to be changed. We are part of the problem. That's right we are!


When we accept a situation then nothing changes.


Becoming visible is achievable:

  • Colour your eyebrows with pencil
  • Dress better to be treated better
  • Don't wear your gym clothes everywhere
  • Lip pencil helps people see your mouth
  • Update your look... you have changed so update your wardrobe to flatter your changes
  • Hold your ground..stay on the pavement if you want to
  • Speak up ...say what you want with confidence
  • Fake it until it feels normal
  • Wear colour that suits you
  • Get a good haircut and/or colour your hair
  • Wear your good clothes
  • If you Sew ...make a new wardrobe out of your Stash!!

Being part of your solution is a work in progress. Clean out your wardrobe. Donate your clothes (only if they are in good condition) that you don't wear and shop at thrift stores. There are a lot of hardly worn clothes that can be in your wardrobe for a small price. Try them on have fun and only BUY what you love and look great on you.

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