A snap shot of your real identity. Make or Break!

If you were in a lineup at the police station, what would your clothes say about you? Let me first say, that we are all going through different stages in our lives. Everyone has a reason for what they are wearing. Let's just consider what people think about when they first look at us, without knowing what we are going through.

Stained and holey clothes say you don't care and can't afford new clothes. No one would think that your clothes were so comfortable that you couldn't part with them. No one would think that you were a highly successful executive either. 

Have you seen anyone in mismatched clothing? If yes are you guilty of the same sin? Use that iPhone. Take a photo and look at it. Pretend it isn't you and think about what you are thinking about when you look at this person.

Pilled clothes. I know that some clothes pill faster than others. Once they pill get rid of them!

Scuffed and worn out shoes say a lot about who you are. So does your bag. You know what to do.

Smelly clothes result from sweating when under stress. Stress produces an odor when you sweat.  It's important to wash after wearing. Get someone to smell your armpits and take the truth. Google how to get rid of the built up odor. You may have to toss the garment. When you have your new garment be vigilant with washing armpits at the very least.

Wrong sized and poorly fitted clothes. You look like you have put on weight and you don't care about it, or you look like you have baggy clothes and look sloppy. This is not what anyone wants anyone to think. 

Breasts that hang low. Time for a new bra. Get a fitting done. It's worth it. Sew the straps if you have to. Stop those straps from slipping and releasing. Keep those assets an asset. You also look younger when they are lifted up!

Dark underwear. Lacy underwear. Patterned underwear. Not professional. If people can see your underwear they are not thinking of you in a positive light. People should not be focusing on your underwear. That's why you wear clothes. Save that look for your beachwear.

If you are going to a job interview you will be judged on your appearance in the first 5 seconds.

Is what you are wearing giving the right information that represents you?

Do your clothes capture your essence?

Marilyn Monroe wanted to look sexy and alluring. The outfits she wore delivered this.

The wicked witch of the west .... her make up and sharp, pointy black clothing delivered the look she was after.

Julia Roberts in "Pretty woman". First she wanted to look like a prostitute.....blonde wig, short,short skirt. Over the knee boots. She got customers. Next she wanted to look like a lady. Who can forget the brown dress with the white spots at the races. She changed her outfits and people looked at her differently and treated her differently!

What kind of visual impression do you want to deliver as you walk down the street? Let alone present yourself at a job interview. Who do you want to been seen to be? Look at what you are wearing and consider the changes you need to make. If Julia can do it in Pretty Woman.....

If you have questions in your transition process, email me and we can work on some solutions!

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