The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition Part 1 The Body

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Friday was well spent! I traveled with two like minded women to Historic Barwon Park Mansion built in the 1860's, in Winchelsea, to see Marion Boyce's incredible costume designs from The movie "The Dressmaker." A fitting place for this exhibition presented by the National Trust in association with Film Art Media.

Marion Boyce is a costume designer of great worth and worth hearing. Marion won The AACTA Award for best Costumes for "The Dressmaker" 2015 (The Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts Awards). She is an Emmy Award Nominated costume designer.She won the 2014 AACTA Award for Best Costume Design for her work on "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries"..and the list goes on.

By presenting Marion's designs at Barwon Park Mansion, not only are you transported to a slice of a bygone era, you also see more than costumes on dummies. The fabulous use of the period rooms and light, delight your senses and take you to the small rural community of Dungatar 1950.

Up close and personal these costumes are. Not for touching of course, but you are close enough to be part of the exhibition yourself. You feel the atmosphere. The scene has been set and the use of backdrops invites the memory of the film to be a personal journey.

This movie will be a Classic. No doubt about it. Too many parallels on so many levels, create a timeless story that is always applicable to then, now and tomorrow!

The costumes are marvelous, exceptional and brilliant. The venue is perfect. The outcome for the viewer is not only an unforgettable memory, it is thought provoking and commands an individual response from each person.

Don't miss this experience. This exhibition is not just about the costumes. It is about the ambiance. It's about becoming part of the Exhibition, being immersed and part of a story that is not uncommon and sadly never will be. 

This Exhibition will prompt all sewers the creation of the dress and the making can be so much more than the sum of the materials. It can place the wearer in a new world yet to be explored and conquered.

The DRESSMAKER Costume Exhibition

Open from Wednesday to Sunday and on Public Holidays (closed Christmas Day)

11 am to 4 pm

Barwon Park Mansion

105 Inverleigh Road Winchelsea

11 December 2015 to 11 March 2016

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