You don't always find what you're looking for always find something!

You will know it when you see it! But you can't find it!

You are looking for a certain fabric or a certain pattern. Inspiration is nowhere to be found. Or is it?


Embrace what you are drawn to in your journey. You will find the unexpected will usually take you on a different journey!


How many times have you looked at your patterns and fabric and been indecisive?


Why is it all your inspirational ideas come when you don't have time to sew?


When you finally get the time to sew the ideas are gone and the confusion sets in.


I know when I am driving or ironing my ideas are running free. When I'm not sewing all I think about is sewing . I will admit to driving past my own house and wondering where I am!

We need to work with what we have!


Do what it takes to get sewing

Do what it takes to get sewing

I always seem to want to do what I can't do! So I try and do both. I make it a race against the clock. This isn't for everyone but it certainly works for me.


A few months ago I wanted to make this dress. I had cut it out a while ago and wanted to wear it the next day. One of the sleeve pieces was missing. Very frustrating but there was nothing I could do. There was no extra fabric and this fabric was no longer for sale.

Yesterday I was looking through some fabric offcuts and voilà the sleeve piece was found! I was really thrilled I hadn't given up!

Glad I found this sleeve!

Glad I found this sleeve!

To move forward in the creative process is a meandering road. Road blocks are everywhere and most of the time the destination seems elusive.

How to ignite your sewing mojo:

  • Go with your gut feelings
  • Make what you love now
  • Build your sewing confidence
  • Make simple patterns to kick start your sewing mojo
  • Get your ideas down in a notebook
  • Look at these ideas when you do have time
  • Get the patterns and Fabric together
  • Cut out the Pattern and put all the pieces and requirements in a bag
  • Don't throw away the offcuts
  • Sew
  • Wear what you have made
Foldoverelastic finished this neckline

Foldoverelastic finished this neckline

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Imagine your Sewing Wardrobe being filled with "dress-ups!"

Fabric + Sewing Patterns = Wardrobe....Or does it?