Life is like a trip to Luna Park!

Photo By Adam.J.W.C. - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

Photo By Adam.J.W.C. - Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5,

We spend a lot of time in life waiting!

Lines! Lines! Lines! 

We line up and try to choose the shortest queue and wait the longest!!

There are many rides to go on at Luna Park.

1. Coney Island Top Drop

Up down up down great views but bounce and drop sequence is not supremely comfortable. Enjoy the views while you are at the top. Life does have it's ups and downs.

2. Carousel

A beautiful ride visually stunning & magical

Nice to just relax for a spell and enjoy gentle visual refreshment. Taking time out to enjoy the simple things in life, helps us see things in perspective.


3. Street Legal Dodgems

Buckle up! Spending time in  traffic is another large part of life. Dealing with other drivers and trying not to get a speeding ticket is the game.


4. Silly Serpent  

Sliding and spinning on a small scale. Some life experiences are confusing and just don't make sense. Hold on and try and enjoy some of this ride. It's not dangerous but it does slow you down. 

5. Ghost Train


This ride is scary! Only the brave should enter. I have never been a fan of being scared out of my wits! Some life experiences and people are scary. I try and avoid these people to increase the odds of an enjoyable life.



6. The Great Scenic Railway

The roller coaster that sums up life!

Exhilarating, heart-stopping, dips and turns, long dark steep tunnels and fabulous views to boot.

We are in life to experience it all. We would all like to skip the uncomfortable and really tough times. However skipping is not an option. We all have these times. Every single person. Money or fame does not protect anyone from uncomfortable and tough times. 

Hold on. Remember that there is an end to the ride.


A story has a beginning, chapters and an end. Your life is made up of various Chapters. A Chapter starts with a capital letter and finishes with a full stop. Then the next Chapter starts.

I Sew when I am happy, sad, angry, confused...let's just say I Sew!


Focusing on something that makes sense to me and being part of a creative process helps me survive in life.

What do you do to get you through a tough time? Finding something else to focus on helps!


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