Who's in your driver's seat?

Life is short and only we can do what we were put here to do.  We can really only be ourselves because only we have these ingredients.  Sometimes we look at others and try and be like them. We want what they have and try our best to copy what they do. That can be in the form of fashion, thoughts or actions.  To be the best person we can be, involves growing up and it helps having an attitude that enables us to work with others.  This is a good process to improving who we are.  If we had the same attitude we had when we were in our "terrible twos,"  then the world would be noisy and no one would ever cook dinner!  Maturity and wisdom help us to be better people and have better lives. We have all been children and some of us have been parents, or worked for someone in authority over us.  All of us have been in the position where we have been told what to do and in the position where we tell people what to do.  Sometimes we forget when it is our turn to be told or, to do the telling!

When it is our turn to do the telling we must take that turn.  This turn is important for our well being.  No one will tap you on the shoulder and say: "Hey what is it that you want from your life?"  If you are busy helping others meet their dreams and forget yours, you won't ever understand what your "sweet spot" is.  If your personal dream is to help others get their dream sorted then you will get a great amount of satisfaction from helping others.  However, if you are always wondering when your turn is coming then you need to look at your life as it is now and make a few decisions that will enable you to do what you have been wanting to do.  If you have forgotten what your dream was, then start daydreaming and reconnect with yourself. This could be magazine pictures that you pin on a board and add to a little at a time, to see what you love and then make plans on how you can do it.

When it is our turn to be told we need to be told.  Getting advice and direction can be difficult to take.  We all believe we know better.  Learning the hard way is painful but those lessons are never forgotten.  Listening and sorting out what you can apply to your life and what you can ignore is always an ongoing process.  

At different times of our lives we are being driven and at others we are the driver.  Each role has its pluses and minuses. Being lost and missing your turn is really in your own hands.  Be intentional and do the best you can with what you have in your hand.  Enjoy the ride!

Are you waiting to lose weight before you can begin your life?

Are you waiting to lose weight before you can begin your life?

Getting to know yourself!