When Sewing is Sidetracked ... What happens when fabric is left its' own devices

The biggest sidetrack to sewing is Life!

Family, work, kids, friends, sleeping, sickness, shopping ... Yadda yadda yadda ... sometimes it's a wonder anyone gets any sewing done at all.


Once life gets it's teeth into your sewing time it's hard to say when your foot will hit the foot control pedal again!


What really happens when you are unable to sew:

  • Fabric shopping (I know!)

  • Fabric stash growth

  • Storage problems

  • Guilt

  • Being Overwhelmed with Fabric

  • Invasion of RTW (ready to wear) garments

  • loss of sewing Mojo

  • More Fabric shopping

  • Bigger storage issues

  • Fabric purchases that aren't quite right

We can't stop being interested in Fabric even if we aren't sewing it into garments. If Fabric is in your blood it's there to stay. 


It's how life goes.  

When you finally get the time to sew it's hard to know what project to start with. By now there is way too much Fabric and making Pattern choices is stymied by confusion. No decision no sewing.

It's like weeds in the garden. It's green and lush but you can't see the lovely flowers anymore. The weeds take over and hide the really beautiful flowers. The weeds need to be eradicated carefully, so that the beautiful plants can be seen and admired once more (I am guilty of pulling flowers instead of weeds out so I am banned from weeding in the garden)


So now you have the time to sew and but there is a lot of Fabric and Pattern sorting to do before you can get to the sewing machine. Sorting Fabric & Patterns doesn't fill your wardrobe with memade garments .... but sorting and making a plan will save you time and disappointment in the long run. There is no use making garments with Patterns and in Fabric that don't excite you in the first place.


So don't leave your Fabric and patterns in a dark cupboard unattended for too long, otherwise it will multiply and become ugly!

Discover the fabric pieces that make your heart skip a beat and pair with the patterns you just love. Start slowly though, you may be a bit Rusty. Gain confidence ... the more you sew the more confident you will be. 

Keep the Fabric and those Patterns that you love, close to you, to give you the inspiration you need, to get you creating again.

Don't the Gremlins take over your stash.


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