Sewing is a Roller coaster ride!

Buying your Sewing Ticket =

Patterns and Fabric + + ....

Get ready for the ride of your life!

Get in the seat = You start thinking about your designer creation made for you by you

You start moving = Feel the tension and apprehension as you cut into the Fabric for the first time ... all the while hoping you will wear it and it will be all that it promises

Vogue Jacket Pattern 1465

Vogue Jacket Pattern 1465

Look around = take in the view ... Thinking of  where you can wear your new creation ... The accessories the functions or the every day versatility of your yet to be made garment

Look around the carriage. Some have their eyes closed, some look as if they have got it all together, others not so

Remember you are not alone. You will surely survive!

As the ride progresses ... You start sewing a few seams, try it on ... no doubt there will be issues ...

  • Why didn't I make a toile first

  • What was I thinking

  • Can I save it

  • Can I make it fit and look good

  • Will I be comfortable in it

So the fast down hill journey begins ...

it's dark tunnel time ... it's so steep the seatbelt doesn't feel like it will keep you in the carriage. It's dark ...

Drop Dress MadeIt Patterns

Drop Dress MadeIt Patterns

It's scary ... why on Earth am I doing this, I could just go and buy what I need.... Errr no I can't that's why I'm sewing in the first place ...

Press those seams, keep the stitching on long stitch ... it's easier to unpick... Keep going ... you've been in this place before

Stop or continue that is the question!

StyleArc Cher Knit Dress Pattern

StyleArc Cher Knit Dress Pattern

If it's past midnight go to bed. Even Cinderella had a curfew

Look at it in the morning. A good sleep may sort out the issues. Give your brain time think. Get help from YouTube /pattern review... Sometimes it's the pattern and not you

Vogue 2988 Top Pattern Vogue 8525 (OOP Patterns)

Vogue 2988 Top Pattern Vogue 8525 (OOP Patterns)

Have another go

Try it on with the right accessories

Put on some nice shoes

Do your hair

Add make up to the equation

Take a photo of you in the outfit

Test it out by going out in it if possible incognito

How did feel

If it isn't what you expected can you refashion it into another garment?


It might just be a new favourite

StyleArc Adeline Dress Pattern

StyleArc Adeline Dress Pattern

Get your ticket for the next ride anyway. It's the ride of a lifetime and it's addictive too.

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Burda 7234 (OOP Pattern)

Burda 7234 (OOP Pattern)

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