Spring is here!! Time to reassess my Spring/ Summer Wardrobe.

There is nothing like a hot day after an endless winter to get your creative juices going. Yesterday was warm and it really felt like the warm weather was here to stay! I love the new season. Spring cleaning the wardrobe. Rearranging my clothes and being prepared for Spring.

Changing the order of my clothes helps me see my clothes in a new light. Having the right color clothes also helps me put new outfits together. When you have the right color palette for you, in your wardrobe, mixing and matching outfits is a breeze. Experimenting and trying on different combinations gives new life to clothes that have been in your wardrobe for a while. It is a bit like a face lift. So wonderful to be wearing clothes that are not new but look new. 

I feel so in control now that I have rearranged my clothes for the warmer weather. My shoes have been inspected and arranged so that I can quickly access them. Boots and winter shoes have been relocated. A bit of room to think. Dresses have been hung in the most accessible part of my wardrobe. This is because I find dresses the easiest clothing item to wear in the warmer days. Pants and leggings are hung at the other end of my wardrobe and tops/tunics in the middle. I think this arrangement will be successful for Spring.

Now my most exciting job is to decide what I will make for Spring. I love this part of the new season. I am excited that yellow is in!! As warm colours suit me I am living the dream when Yellow is in. Of course Orange, Blue, Green, Mint are in my Color Swatch as well and they will be considered as well.

I have flipped though my pattern and fabric collection, written down my ideas as they have flowed and now feeling extremely prepared for the new season. It is going to be a blockbuster!! Feeling inspired and renewed.

A snap shot of your real identity. Make or Break!

Oh by the way I don't like your yellow shoes!