Deciding between good and great.

So many opportunities and decisions in day to day life.  Food, clothes, entertainment, education and time.  We all have different opportunities and situations but we all have the same allocation of time.  What do you give top priority to?

Food.  I used to spend the whole week, before having children, preparing for a dinner party.  I selected the recipes.  Bought the food. Precooked what I needed to and cleaned the house as if Royalty were on their way over. Sometimes I have had the last minute cancellation.  Having a feast prepared and being told that guests could not come, as something else had come up was quite a time waster.  After having children, dinner parties  meant juggling children and becoming a clean freak.  The poor children had to put up with my self inflicted stress.  Needless to report I do not  dinner parties often.   I can do dinner parties but the cost to my family is too high.

Clothes.  I could spend all day dreaming about outfits and what different options I could create.When I use my imagination, inspirational shop and sew, I am full of ideas and dreams.  I feel connected to my imagination and I am happy.  When I am happy the household feel the love.  They are happy.  They still eat but it is in a creative atmosphere where a day has been well spent.  I think I will be keeping this as one of my top priorities.

Entertainment.  I love to watch shows that promote growth and stories that show triumph over adversity.  I am a sucker for great endings after poor beginnings.  Mostly I sew at night if I can because I feel as though something concrete has been accomplished.  The list also reduces a bit faster.

Education. I love to learn new things.  Learning keeps you young and polite.  When you have to ask for help, it helps to ask politely. 

Time is precious and a gift.  I never wonder what I will do.  It is always what will I do first.  I never take time for granted.

What do you put as your top priority?  What could you change to enable you to do what you love?  What could your life could look like if you rearrange it just a bit?

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