Having a back up plan is crucial!

I don't know about you but I have high expectations and unrealistic plans!  I buy ingredients for meals I fully intend to cook.  I cut out patterns I completely believe I will finish a lot quicker than I actually do. However I do have back up plans that prevent unnecessary stress and disappointment.  

There is nothing worse than the stress we put on ourselves.  I love a list and I love ticking off finished projects.  I hate lists that don't move quickly.  I am most impatient with myself.  I do know what I am like so I have developed a few tricks to navigate through my personal expectations.

I have decided that when I am food shopping if I get a big trolley I will fill it up.  If I get a carry basket I will probably have to stop and get another one, but I will spend less time shopping.  I can only carry so much and my arms know my limit.  The smaller basket helps me to really only get what I need and keeps the impulse buying down.  The less time in a supermarket really does mean less wastage.  It also means the pantry will have more stock rotation.  

Hoping to finish an outfit for an occasion is also at times unrealistic.  I planned to finish a lovely woven coat for the opera this week and of course there were a few hindrances to the plan.  A woven fabric that would not behave, resulted in an unfinished coat.  The back up plan was a  vintage kimono I have had for 20 years and once I had it on, over a plain straight dress, was ready to enjoy the night out.  Thinking about the worst case scenario and having plan B stops the panic and stress and makes us more fun to be with!!

Time is always the most valuable resource we have.  How we use it is up to us.  We all have the same amount of time to spend.  Working out what needs to be top priority and what isn't is quite an individual choice.  My not negotiable priorities are relationships with family and friends, ironing and coffee!  Can't live without the wonderful relationships I have and time needs to be invested here.  Ironing is also a top priority, not only because of the control I have over the creases but also because of the flow of creative ideas that seem to run riot when I iron.  Coffee well that makes life possible.

What are some of the tricks you have up your sleeve that you use to avoid stress?  What are some of your non negotiable priorities?  I would love to hear them!

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