Shopping in your Fabric Collection vs Shopping RTW


The RTW ( ready to wear ) World is about the profit and pushing the generic colours - less leftovers at the end of the season! Shopping is frustrating if you're not into black, white, beige, or grey. Some of us who know what colours best suit us could be waiting years before our colours come into fashion and hopefully in RTW! 

So joy of joys to have a fabric collection hopefully in your colours and your preferred fabric type.


Many a sewist has a Fabric Collection that has taken years to accumulate. There are some prints that have grabbed our hearts and hues that have seduced us. Love or lust Fabric that is stored and waiting to be made. Some Fabric is so precious it is almost impossible to imagine cutting into it.

Imagine your wardrobe filled with memade clothes. All that research and investment finally stepping out of your fabric collection and onto the street, with You in it! A dream that can come true. Piece by piece, you can choose the fabric, the pattern, the colour,  the print, the style, the texture... that you feel like making. 


It's all there waiting for you.  

This is the reason you purchased the Fabric.... remember?


Make room for your new memade garments..toss out the unwearables, pass on the good (but not good for you) clothes, plan what you want to make, don't make it too complicated and start sewing something. Start small and build on it. Enjoy the sewing experience and delight in the whole journey. 


If you are unsure of what you want to make I can help you. Having worked with sewing men & women around the world, I know I can help you find and articulate your unique style and steer you to the fabrics and patterns that will put a spring in your step and a smile on your face. I make a large number of memade clothes. I am a trained image consultant who delights in putting Fabric and The Right Patterns together.  Oh and I don't have a perfect body...that's what got me sewing in the first place! I'm excited that I can feel Fabulous in my clothes even without a perfect body. If you need a mentor/coach I'm here for you.


Email tell me what you need and we can tailor "Sewing the Next Level Up" sessions in my Mentor program, that will produce sewing excitement and give you a foundation for your sewing journey. 

What are you waiting for? 




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