"Frocktails" - Part 2

A Surreal Occasion is meeting In Real Life the sewing women from Instagram.  To experience feeling like you know someone well and yet feel a little bit shy when meeting them.  Maybe this is another version of meeting a star while walking around in Hollywood.  

I loved meeting @velosewer Maria an amazingly stylish & accurate tailor, @the_stitcher_and_the_gather Jen you are a legend, encourager & gorgeous, @thornberrylara as always loving your choice in colours in the outfit you have just whipped up, @madalenesmuse a stylish ethereal princess, @_buzylizzie stylish,fun, looks great in her new hat & fun and Kat @allthewhimsicalthings stunning outfit & Melbourne Frocktails event organiser extraordinaire!

It wasn't possible to meet and discuss passions in depth with everyone, but that gives me something to look forward to in six months at the Summer Frocktails 2016.

Some of the women had met before, but I hadn't and I was experiencing something new and it was wonderful. A few of the women that I follow don't always post photos of themselves. Finding out their Instagram account name and having a quick look at my phone gave me the ability to recognize them. Delayed rush of recognition!

The fabric shopping experience was a nice chance to meet a few before the big evening out! Fabric stores: Tessuti, Clegs, The Fabric Store & Clear It are always  nice places to go.  How wonderful to be with so many like minded people. Everyone touching fabric and imagining what they would make out of the fabric. Creative minds together and working in harmony. I felt connected to this tribe. What joy!!


It was six o'clock in the depths of Melbourne's coldest winter. The address was the Paris end of Collins Street, the heart of the world's most livable city. All the preparations, tears, Plan B's and "ta-da"  the final outfit! Everyone looked amazing. The room was packed. The lights were dim. The walls were black. All the outfits were me-made and seeing all the colour  and pattern combinations, in action was truly amazing. The Cocktail that was invented for the night was named the "Seam Ripper."A fitting title that really hit the spot. There was music but I must say there were no quiet spots. Sixty women enjoying the night and talking about their sewing adventures overtook all. The room was singing like a sewing machine on full throttle! We all loved it.

It was lovely to meet Kat the "Organizer El Supremo" from @allthewhimsicalthings and be part of the experience.  Kat did such an amazing job and is now preparing a Summer Frocktails 2016. I must start planning now so as to get my outfit finished "the night before." Bring it on!!!

Oh by the way I don't like your yellow shoes!

Before "Frocktails" Part 1