What if Fabric had a Sewing "Use by date" or a "Best Before" date?

When I'm looking through all my Patterns and Fabric I stumble on some amazing Fabric that still makes my heart beat. I clutch it and wonder why on earth haven't I made this up yet? Seasons pass so quickly or maybe my list is just way too long!! 


Ooooh! Some fabric just won't be left behind, no matter how strong I am. Fabric has a hold on me and I want to have it and hold it!! It's a relationship that's hard to explain to people who aren't into textiles.


Get that fabric collection out. Go on and get reacquainted. Ignite the passion you once had together. Oh! and while you are at it, look through some patterns too. You may just be able to decide on a pattern Fabric/Combination that you just have to make up ... straight away!


How do I decide what to make first?  

Gaps in my wardrobe are the first and foremost. I like a lot of Colour in my wardrobe so I need  underdresses in base colours that will support me. Otherwise semi- see-through tops don't get worn. Keeping the stage simple allows the actors to shine in their roles! Ponte is a great fabric for an underdress. Top and skirt or pants in the same base colour works well too. It really depends on what you want to wear. If I'm annoyed by my clothes, I won't wear them. Forgetting what you have on, means it must be comfortable! Feeling that you are dressed appropriately in work/play situations is also an indicator. 


Do you have a fabulous fabric addiction too? Would you rather spend time in Fabric stores or linger, longer in your sewing room? Finding a place that gives you respite from life and its challenges is truly a gift. Time is the most valuable asset you have. Using it wisely will give you the ability to weather the storms of life. Snatching pockets of time and getting into your own creative groove will benefit your health.

Don't put yourself last all the time.

Your turn will never come.

Be proactive, productive and purposeful about you!

Enjoy Your Time in Your Day.


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