How to pick the winning garments to sew for your wardrobe

Imagine you're the captain and you're choosing your team....

There are all the hopefuls ... all lined up ...

Pick Me! Pick Me!

Vogue 9190

Vogue 9190

Think of how you would choose your winning team:

  • Fastest runner - get the ball to the goalpost ... Fastest make

  • Good looking.. if you need to market yourself looks are important ... Take a photo and see what others see

  • Muscle = energy... Is your fabric up to the job? ... Fabric with body means it will be able to withstand the pressure. Great Fabric looks better than good

  • Appearances matter. If the player looks like he knows what to do, he probably does. Look for Patterns that exude a classy look

  • Confidence if you want to look a certain way choose Patterns that assist this quest. Have a good look at the lines and research Google to see how this garment looks on people who are of a similar body shape to you

  • Is the player energetic & can the Fabric "Move like Jagger?" Is your Fabric able to handle your movement and action

Pick Me! Pick Me! Is the fabric really calling your name or is it calling someone else's name?

Vogue 1538

Vogue 1538

How to identify the Fabric that does call your name:

  • You touch it and you linger

  • If you think that could come in handy some day ... or you "Get it just in case"... Beware don't waste your money, storage or time ...Just don't get it! This Fabric isn't for you

Vogue 9190

Vogue 9190

Ok so if you discover some of these Fabrics in your stash then don't feel bad. All is not lost. You can recognize the feeling and the Fabric you don't want. Hopefully you won't repeat this type of fabric purchase again. Learning does cost time and money but what you have learnt is invaluable.

Butterick 6456

Butterick 6456

Move the Fabric on and feel the lightness instead of heaviness of heart.

Moving it on is a good activity to do, as it frees up your creativity and may even get you back in the saddle ... sewing some great wardrobe pieces you will love to actually wear.

Your team could make it to the Grand final! photo photo

When you take your best team out onto the field.... the crowd Will cheer. 

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Self Drafted Poncho

Self Drafted Poncho

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