The Price of Love...

Buying clothes and making clothes that do not suit us is the price of love... We see a model or a friend wearing a new dress and because we admire and like this person we buy the same garment or pattern.  If we have similar body shapes, coloring, employment and style recipes then there is no real problem.  We all like to belong and wear similar clothes to the people we like. Fitting in and belonging is important.  

However purchasing garments and patterns that do not suit your body shape and life style or your wardrobe requirements is costly. These clothes do not get worn.  They are like mementos of people we like ..souvenirs of a fun shopping trip.  Poor advice from a friendly and pushy sales assistant trying to meet budget requirements.  We all have these clothes in our wardrobes.  These lovely pieces that will never really give you the look you are after or meet your daily requirements.  It's like having stiff corporate clothes in a wardrobe when that part of your life is over or put on hold for a time.  These clothes take up room and make looking your best harder than it needs to be.

You know what I am talking about.  You just pull out the same pieces and wear them all the time. You don't have a full length mirror in your dressing area and you don't want one!  I hear you saying it doesn't matter what I look like.  But it does matter.  You are short changing yourself.  

When we look at other people we judge them on what they wear.  You do I do we all do.  Poor appearance can prevent people from knowing the real you.  It is worth looking your best.  Just think of a day when you wore something that really represented who you were and other people noticed how confident and happy you were.  I'd say you probably felt great and people noticed your radiance.  It's funny how feeling good about what we are wearing can impact the whole day!  Start taking note of the outfits you wear that give you a lift and try and make decisions on what felt good on you rather than what someone thinks would look good on you.  

Get to know yourself and write down style words that matter to you.  This make take a bit of time but when you see someone in an outfit that you like ...write down what you like about the outfit or pattern.  See what style words keep repeating and you will discover what your individual style recipe is.  Imagine putting on an outfit each day and feeling good about it and knowing that it would meet the requirements of your day.  It's possible. It's cheaper.  It's fun.



Live the life you want to live now! Stop your wardrobe from dictating to you!

Trustworthy patterns