Why I love NOT to shop for clothes!!

When I was a young girl I found out early that clothes shopping was never going to bring me the wardrobe I desired.  I needed a waist and more height for my dream clothes to actually suit and fit me.  The frustration and tears after fruitless shopping trips and the actual items I purchased and wore didn't really make me feel like me.  Deciding to make my own clothes and work out what looked good is a journey that I have found gave me a passion that delivered more than I could have ever imagined.

Now I window shop!  Inspiration is free.  Using the images I see in the windows of designer clothing shops and home ware shops help me translate my kind of style that resonates with me.  I love drama, comfort and creativity.  When these three ingredients are involved I know there is more of a chance I will love wearing this clothing or accessory item.  What are the ingredients that make you feel like you?  Have you ever thought about what outfit sings your song and why? 

The things I don't miss about shopping:

  • don't have unnecessary disappointment
  • don't have to worry about the lack of customer service
  • don't get pushed into purchasing items that aren't perfect
  • don't invest  too much time drifting through shopping centers
  • don't come home with another black top!

Packing your wardrobe with the outfits for your life.

Having a back up plan is crucial!