Fantastic sewing skills don't necessarily equal an outfit that looks great on you

Time is so precious especially in the lead up to Christmas.  Lots of places to go and people to see.  Lots of fabric in the stash and patterns you would like to make, that don't always get done in time.  If they do get made, they aren't necessarily the fantastic solution you thought they would be.  What on earth went wrong you may wonder.  You liked the pattern, you loved the fabric, so what went wrong. Maybe the colour was not your best colour.  Maybe your pattern really wasn't the right choice for your body shape.  Just because we like something doesn't mean it will be the best option for your body.  It's hard to believe but not everyone has a perfect body!

Choosing a pattern that will highlight your best features matched with a fabric that suits your personality and your body.  This will give you a better chance at creating a great garment.  "You look great" is the desired response all sewers want to hear.  As I seamstress I know how long it takes to put the desired pattern and fabric together.  All that work deserves some applause.  Being creative is a stress reliever and great for brain cells.  Also when you get that compliment ... a simple Thank you is all you need to say!  Making more than one garment is also recommended.  A few garments that go together and are versatile, make you feel amazing.  Imagine opening your wardrobe door and having to make a choice of which new outfit to wear.  Simple patterns that work, look great on you and co-ordinate are a dream come true.

 The Pattern Whisperer is in - Rathdowne Fabric & Remnants 1oth December each Wednesday, 10am till 2pm, until Christmas for free personal advice.

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Is your pattern right for your body? Find out...

Is your pattern right for your body? Find out...