Before "Frocktails" Part 1

I love the whole "Frocktails" concept!  How exciting to meet with sixty other creative sewing women for a glamorous weekend away!  To make a dress and to meet up in various forums: visit fabric stores, drink cocktails, have coffee, lunch, meet Instagram friends and wear your creation. It is a sewing fairy tale! The lead up to this event is indeed everything a fairy tale is made up of!!  

First the decision to make a garment that identifies your personality and your ability to represent that in your creation. It is baring your soul. However it must be said that baring your soul to people in normal circumstances is fraught with danger.  Not so with the women who are involved in "Frocktails!!" Your soul is safe.

The journey words are: 

  • Deadline - I thought I had plenty of time but tomorrow I must have this outfit done EEEEK!
  • Nervous energy -Where did all my wonderful creative ideas go?
  • Family stuff- Where did this pile of washing come from?  Why do I have to feed the family?
  • Fingers- How did my pointer finger get stuck in the machine and why does it hurt so much?
  • Simple sewing - It just isn't simple now!
  • Rampant Unpicking- I can't believe I have just sewn two wrong sides together again...
  • A back scratch-er - When stressed use with caution. Skin needs to be looking its' best.
  • Passing thoughts - Why is this taking so long & is it really past midnight?!
  • Hand sewing - This must be the worst invention ever.
  • Core pattern pieces - Where is that core pattern piece that was in the bag with all the others?
  • The Right foot - Finding that piece under that foot.
  • Oh there it is! - This isn't really what anyone would really say!!!
  • Why is it so cold in Melbourne - Are you kidding me? Now I need a lined coat with a fur collar!

This journey story didn't happen to a friend of a friend of happened to me!!

I would love to hear a snapshot of your journey. 

"Frocktails" - Part 2

Did she or didn't she?!?