The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition Part 2 The Heart & Soul


Life is a game. A football game? It matters not. The game is on. The worst game of all is the Win-Lose variety. It never works. One person completely right and the other completely wrong. This outcome results in bullying, resentment, family disputes, divorces, wars etc. It just doesn't work for harmonious living. Every one is guilty. Every single person has not done the right thing all the time. That is a fact. Don't fool yourself. I am speaking the truth.

Tilly was a victim. She was blamed for something she just did not do. There were other factors in her story. There are always other factors that we aren't aware of. We will never be aware of these other factors because we are not walking in someone else's shoes. We are walking in our own shoes and dealing with our own issues. That is enough for us. 

Judgement is a dangerous journey. A very dangerous journey. 

Revenge is an outcome that we should not be party to. It causes an outcry for justice. Never be the person who causes someone to push the revenge button. It isn't pretty or safe for anyone. 

Tilly was bullied, judged and forced to run away. She left Dungatar in her low class clothes and returned in haute couture designer dresses. The Status Quo changed when Tilly dressed for her return battle. Her decision to leave town was out of fear. Her decision to return to Dungatar was made out of growth. She scurried away from the mess in subservient clothes and returned dressed ready for the fight of her life. And fight she did. A fabulous fight. 

Fear based decisions give power to someone else. When you push forward to face the fearful things in life, you don't know if you will win. You will know that you didn't fold. You didn't give the power to a bully. You did what you could, afraid. You move forward regardless of the outcome. You too will have a story to tell, just like Tilly. It won't be a bed of roses but you won't be living a life of regret.

There is power in the way we dress. Marion Boyce is fully in touch with this power play. The bleak scenery played against vibrant, extravagant designer clothes. The Mansion is used to show the struggle. "The clothes maketh the woman." 

The Fabrics used were divine. Heavy Guipure lace. Rich and luxurious Lame. Marabou - soft, fluffy feathers. Imposing Moire silk. Feminine chiffon. Poiret Twill for the finest dresses. Rouleau loops to fasten. The details. The pleating. The undergarments. All aspects of the costume considered. No short cuts. The colours, the design of the necklines, the drama of the capes, the corsets that aided the shape of the women's bodies. The costumes were the means of the transformation. The costumes were the weapons. The ammunition for the the battle. The journey from "as is" to "could be."

When a man's heart needed to be had, chiffon was part of the lure. A red, dramatic dress for an uprising.  A low neckline to attract and keep his attention. Glamorous form fitted dresses used to regain confidence and a man's attention. Clothing used wisely.

My favorite dress in the movie was this beautifully draped dress. I love the color. The forgotten wife has beautiful auburn hair and this dress enhances her hair color and her body shape. This woman has not been cherished or sought after. She has become part of the furniture. Invisible. An attractive woman who just happens to be with a man of poor character. This dress brings her back into the now. Her circumstances haven't changed but...this dress has changed the way she feels about herself and demands respect and care from others. I live for these transformations. I believe when we care for ourselves, others will be compelled to care for and respect us too.

We can all dress to what we would like to be. Even if we are far from our ideal. We can enjoy the role play. We can be intentional in being part of the growth process for ourselves.

Go immerse yourself in this heartfelt costume exhibition. Feel the power of "The Dress." Consider how you need to prepare for your own battle. What will you be wearing? What are you doing with the life you have been given.

Don't give up.

Plan and execute.

Go to The Dressmaker Costume Exhibition.

You won't be disappointed.

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