If you were a millionaire would you still buy that Fabric?


Unfortunately Fabric sales result in the purchase of Fabric that will never be quite right...ever!!

All these sale Fabric purchases cause confusion and storage issues.  This results in the Fabric that we really love and want to sew being put on the backburner yet again. It's no wonder wardrobes are bursting at the seams with clothes that you're just not into.

We all want wardrobes filled with memades that we love to wear.


Resist and consider why you are purchasing that Fabric:

  • Its a bargain
  • Good for a toile
  • It's marked down
  • Others are buying it so I should too 

Some fabrics on sale are actually not marked down at all. Cheap fabric is brought in just for the sales. You aren't getting a great deal - you are in fact being cajoled into buying Fabric you don't even like.  

If you are going to the trouble to make a toile why not make the toile in a wearable Fabric?  

Know the Fabric in your Fabric shop. You will then be able to notice if the sale Fabric is really marked down.

If others are buying it that doesn't mean you should follow.  


If you are considering purchasing sale Fabric:

  • Walk around the shop with it
  • Look in the mirror and see if the colour suits you
  • Take a selfie with it
  • Find out the composition of the Fabric
  • Imagine what you are actually going to make out of it
  • And lastly when would you cut out the pattern...
  1. as soon as you got home?  
  2. this year? 
  3. In 10 years? 

There you have it!!

Be Strong

Buy what you love

Cut it out

Sew it up

Wear it out! 

Pretend you are a Millionaire and only buy what you can't live without!! 

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