Everybody needs a hero... Every outfit needs a hero too!!

I may not be Superman but I do have a blue cape!!

I may not be Superman but I do have a blue cape!!

It's true everyone does need a hero! Someone to save us when things just are too much, or too boring. Without a hero we stay right where we are. If that place is a great place, there are no complaints. If the place is mediocre and we feel average, then a hero to save us from despair, is needed!

Just having the basics in your wardrobe delivers a Basic Wardrobe!

It doesn't take much to change this situation. In the first two outfits shown I show a front and back view. The White necklace in the first outfit pulls this outfit,  "Out Of Average!" The jagged necklace mimics the zigzag on the fabric and is the hero. Looking at the back view of the yellow zigzag dress, you can see that the necklace "Makes A Difference" to this outfit. The next two photos show a black dress with an interesting circular, embossed design in the black fabric. The purple shoes are ok with this dress but after I added the necklace, which has a circular flower that  resonates with the embossed pattern on the dress, and coloured centre stones which are of a similar colour to my shoes, the outfit worked.  This brings the dress and the shoes together and completes the outfit. Both necklaces are the heroes of these outfits!!

In the outfits above The necklaces are earning their keep.

  • The velvet dress with the floral design needs the tortoiseshell necklace with the touch of gold. The necklace also works with my tortoiseshell glasses
  • The oxblood silk overdress, with gold embellishment is dramatic in itself, but still requires a finishing touch. Adding the gold chain with the hearts distracted from the horizontal lines and the large links in the chain resonated with the gold embellished design
  • The silk/cotton watermelon floral tunic, with the dramatic, diagonal back, needed the orange shoes, the orange necklace and orange lipstick to pull this outfit into line
  • The plain olive ponte dress needed: the red cardigan, red shoes, circular wood/red disc necklace, red Pac-Man earrings and red lipstick to make this outfit deliver a second look
  • The maxi dress, one side done in a plain coloured and the other side done in a  patterned fabric, is saved by the necklace with blue centre stones and also the blue shoes
  • The blue and orange dress needs the orange shoes and orange necklace

It's time to get all your accessories out and hang them where you can see them! Look at what you are wearing and see what accessories resonate with your outfit. Finish what you have started!

I would love to hear some stories about your new completed looks. It will amaze you that the accessories you have had for years, will work with your outfits. There is  a reason we purchase fabric, necklaces, shoes or things that just catch our eye. It's called our personality. You have these in your possession already. The hero you have been waiting for, could very well be lurking in your wardrobe already. Have some fun and DO TELL!

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