Trustworthy patterns

So I have spent hours looking through the pattern books, put up with children crying in the background, taken a number, finally got served, handed over the money and cut up some cherished piece of fabric.  One question lurks in my mind "Can I trust you with my fabric?"  I have invested time, money and fabric.  Will there be a happy outcome?  There are no guarantees to a great outfit.  Hopefully the fabric is the correct color, the fabric choice suits the pattern, the size of the pattern on the fabric is proportionally correct with my size, the pattern I have chosen suits my body shape and the garment itself suits my lifestyle!  So many variables so little time.

Body proportion is one critical factor.  You need to know who the pattern company designs for.  If you have a long body and short legs I can assure you palazzo pants will never look good on you.  This pattern can look good on someone with lovely long legs and you can look at them but do not buy this pattern.  If you are petite like me (height-wise) steer away from the skirts or dresses that finish mid way between knee and calf.   To look taller means finishing the hem at the knee.  Very high heels worn with the longer hem length can redeem this outfit though!  

Lost your waist?  Make sure the pattern you are choosing doesn't have horizontal lines at the waist otherwise this will make people look there and think ...oh she doesn't have a waist! Princess Diana didn't have a waist and no one talked about it.  Look at the outfits she wore and apply the same principles.

Stiff fabric with no give will not be a good choice for someone who is quite an active person. Stretch is a great addition to the fabric family.  Think about what you do daily and what your needs are.

If you like natural fibers don't get polyester fabric.  Stretch woven and jersey fabric are made in natural fibers as well.  Check the tag on the fabric or ask the fabric specialist in store.

Vogue patterns have a body shape help on the back of their patterns.  Their information is usually spot on but on occasion when I have really liked a pattern I have done some adjustments to suit my body shape.

Some of my Trustworthy Patterns...Hall of Fame

Vogue 1336, Burda 7645, Vogue 8504, New look 6643  & Vogue 8962. 

I am constantly testing patterns so there is definitely more to be talked about. The subject is like a box of chocolate all sorts that I am obsessed with and have fun sampling.



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