A Before and After Story!

Once upon a time....

there was a wardrobe overflowing with clothes. Filled to the brim. The sad part of the story was that even though the wardrobe was filled with clothes, only 10% were being worn. It wasn't a tragedy, but it was darn well inconvenient. Stuffed wardrobe means all the clothes were squashed and creases were inevitable. Havoc reigned in this wardrobe. This isn't a story that is made up. This is a true story and this wardrobe situation is happening now in bedrooms all over the world. This isn't a life and death situation. No one really knows how many people this affects. There is no pill you can take to solve this problem. It is, what it is!

This Before and After Story happened to a friend of a friend of mine (no names mentioned here and not just one friend).

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Here are the facts ( try and hear the Law and Order da da dah..dahhhh .chorus here)!!


Wardrobe is filled with:

  • garments in need of repair or alteration
  • garments that are too big (you may need them again)
  • pregnancy clothes ( you aren't having any more children)
  • garments that are too small ( you wore them B.C. before children and before you actually had time to eat)
  • clothes with history (you bought it with your first pay cheque, the first jacket you lined, first date, prom, bridesmaid dress, cost a lot of money,a designer dress that never fitted and was on sale, a hand me down that you don't even like, clothes that you have made yourself but never wear for whatever reason..the list goes on
  • soiled clothing, some ground in stains just don't come out

In the morning you grab one of the three outfits you wear every week. The colour  is probably black because that is a go-to colour for the majority of women, regardless of whether it is ageing, inappropriate or unflattering! This is I.R.L. (in real life) and it's happening in households as we speak.


The alarm goes off. You feel like getting out of bed. You are excited about the day. The day is a battlefield but you have the appropriate armor for this day. You are prepared and your wardrobe supports you. Not just you, but the real you. If you wake up and feel not so cheery; because we aren't in heaven and this is a big  possibility daily, you select an outfit that will lift you up to enable you to get through the day anyway. This outfit will be supportive & non judgmental. Some days we need a wing man. That is what a wardrobe is supposed to do. Equip us. Cover not only our backs, but our fronts as well!! 

Happy ever after - The End or should I say....

The Beginning...

What this wardrobe looks like to the naked eye:

  • wardrobe filled with garments that are the right colour, to bring out your best features
  • coordinated
  • choices to suit your mood
  • 90% of your wardrobe is wearable
  • fun
  • organised
  • matching
  • interchangeable
  • look at me clothes
  • don't look at me clothes
  • accessories that change the outfit to help keep it fresh


Your Day Your Way!

How do you go from the "As Is" to the "Could Be"?

  1. Well, you are aware that your wardrobe needs help. That is an important step.
  2. You can check out my YouTube and Instagram accounts to see what I am doing and work through the process yourself. If there is a will there is a way!
  3. If you sew and you have the fabric and patterns and feel overwhelmed, I can help in that department too. I charge by the hour and the minimum is two hours to start. I charge $100 an hour. I get you on track and equip you to take your wardrobe by the scruff of the neck and make it deliver for you! We will have fun and coffee is included! 
  4. Pattern/Fabric Sessions are quite popular too. I love to decipher who you are and give you the patterns that will deliver the look you are after, or the you that has been forgotten. Life gets in the way sometimes and we become invisible to ourselves and the world. I am the hand that will reach in and pull you out of where you are and give you the plan of action that will ignite the you that is inside,waiting to surface. I am passionate about resurfacing you. 
  5. Number 5 is a big statement. I live and breathe number 5. I'd love to be part of your comeback. I have already helped so many men and women but you will never know who they are. All my private appointments are strictly confidential.   Let's talk. I'm the real deal and I can help you. I also consult via video phone. Send an email or just call me!

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