OK we are in January again ...groundhog day....

December has finished and we are left with the aftermath.  Sewing room in a mess.  Outfits completed and loose pattern pieces in a pile for sorting along with cut out patterns that didn't quite get to the sewing machine.  No photos necessary.  A true creative can work in these circumstances.  My own mother said as a child I had this ability to sew no matter the surroundings.  That I could work even if my house was falling down.  Now, however, I do have the "must tidy up" gene that enables me to produce and enjoy more creativity after a bit of sorting.

Christmas is responsible for bringing family together and catching up with friends.  January is about bringing fabric and patterns together and making a plan for sewing.  January holds a lot of promise.  Promise that I will look into my stash and find the right pattern for that fabric I love.  I do have quite a large amount of these types of fabrics and I have been pushing myself more than ever before.  I cut out 60 patterns over a 3 day weekend in April and it was quite a feat.

The perfect marriage of the right fabric and the right pattern.  Taking the plunge and making that pattern is like trying something and no guarantee that it will work out!  I absolutely love to visualize what a fabric will look like in a particular pattern.  In fact I mostly do this exercise while I am driving in the car.  I will admit that I do find myself missing certain turnoffs to well known destinations.  Certain friends can't believe that I could bypass their house & need to do a U-turn.  I am a safe driver though.  I just happen to enjoy the travelling and the visualizing so much I don't necessarily get too focused on the final destination!

If you would like to ask my opinion if the pattern and fabric you have decided to pair together could work I would love to have a look and a ponder. Send your photo of fabric and pattern choice to info@annewhalley.com  

Vogue 8962 I LOVE YOU

Vogue 8962 I LOVE YOU

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