A Tried And True Pattern...

I have a new Tried and True Pattern.... Burda 6773!  You can be trusted!


I first made this jacket pattern 9.30 pm the night before I traveled overseas by plane to America. I was sewing up some last minute wardrobe pieces for my "6.4 kg Travelling light hand luggage only" flight to Washington DC. I needed a hero jacket to pull all the wardrobe pieces together. I was going to a Conference for AICI - Association for Image Consultants International, having a holiday and doing a Meet and Greet in The Fabric Store in Los Angeles. I had some left over pieces of fabric from the dress from the same  Burda 6773 pattern. As desperate times call for desperate measures, I cut the jacket pattern out of the leftovers, in the hope that this jacket would be my hero piece. This jacket was meant to be lined and made out of woven fabric. The Orange fabric I used, had a two way stretch with a raised rib. The wrong side of this fabric was plain. When I got to the lower band of this jacket I realized that I had only cut one part of the self faced band. Oh dear! There was no more fabric left! So this band just had to be made out of a single layer of fabric. I finished the edges by hemming and top stitching. As this fabric had a similar weight to a ponte and the wrong side was as good as the good side, this worked!

This last week I decided to make two more jackets from this pattern. I am happy to say I love these jackets as well. I have used stretch fabric for both of these jackets. This jacket is quick to whip up.

Warning! Do not lend this jacket to your girlfriends. It won't come back. It is ridiculous how good this jacket looks on a wide range of body shapes. It is comfortable, dramatic, creative and flattering. I have three of these jackets now and I don't think I have enough yet.

What patterns are your Tried and True? Let me know. I would love to test them out!

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