Burda 7234 Sewing Diary

If I wasn't determined to complete my work in progress (WIP) pile, this dress would never have been completed. Even my new invisible zipper foot (Why did I not have one before now?) couldn't keep my eyes open for long. As an experienced sewer who has made evening gowns, lined and fitted jackets.... I have tackled a wide variety of projects at my sewing machine. I'm brave enough to tackle anything. If you don't stretch yourself you don't learn and grow. Some turned out great ... others never worn. But I've learned a lot over the years. But doubt.... the Big Question... Is this one a time waster?

At my busiest time in life - young children, full time job I had very little time for constructed Sewing. I remember when made a designer lined brown suede jacket. All the elements were what I wanted. After spending 12 months on and off, sewing this jacket. It looked wonderful, however I just didn't love it anymore. I couldn't believe it! This jacket kept me from delving into my Fabric Collection and feeling fabulous. It was a blockage!  I knew that I couldn't afford to do too many of these type of projects anymore. The good news is that now I scan a pattern and see it for what it is.. a time waster or will I be wearing you soon?

Back to this dress... 


I love the Fabric (really love it) and dearly wanted to wear this dress through summer. But this pattern! So many parts to this dress. I'm a visual learner and there were not enough pictures! These Burda instructions... yawn So trying to keep myself awake!


Struggling to get to the end of this dress project so that I can sew something else. Anything else. Something simple! There is only one review of this pattern in Pattern Review. This has me thinking that maybe other people fell asleep too while sewing it and never finished it. Maybe this Pattern...is in your collection too?

I am writing this blog post in the middle of sewing this dress!  This could be an indicator that I may still not finish  this dress either!! Looking and touching the fabric I am determined to keep going. (I did actually finish it) Yeah!!!


Back to the sewing machine... 

Only a few details to finish now. I want to wear it tomorrow! Bruce has some time off and we are going on a date! Sewing is now more focused and I can see the end in sight!

Having a deadline is definitely motivating for me.   

Side seams done now only the armhole facings to go.  So close... No! I can't do the sleeve facings. I think the FOE (foldoverelastic) will look far better and take a lot less time. I cut off the seam allowance on the armhole edges - 15mm/ 5/8 inch before adding the FOE. (Folded the FOE in half along the foldline, sandwiched the Fabric with the FOE and sewed a straight stitch length 4. Butted the folded ends and slipstitched). I'm quite happy with the finish. 


It's Chinese New Year. Goodbye year of the Monkey and Celebrating the new year of the Rooster. It's big in Melbourne.  This Dress Fabric is Oriental, a Cotton Sateen with a small amount of stretch and now I can't wait to try it on!! Completing a few more seams these pattern pieces are now looking like a dress. Not a moment too soon. Finished!


I am fully expecting to make a lot of fitting adjustment for the first try on. Well that's a nice surprise...It fits perfectly! I think I'll sew the pleats on the centre front panel down and take in the  side seams 11/2 inches from the bottom of the dress and taper ( about 13 inch to get the taper right). The dress has a split on the left front of the dress for movement so my tapering of the side seams won't hinder my movement. This cotton sateen has a little bit of stretch for comfort. This Fabric has great feel, stretch, sheen & print.


I am wearing this dress at last and my critique is: 

  • Comfort 10/10
  • Drama 10/10
  • Creative 10/10

Ill give this a big √ of approval!

Onwards and upwards..to infinity and beyond!

Onwards and upwards..to infinity and beyond!

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