Finding time to finish an outfit for yourself!

I love the whole idea of planning an outfit for an occasion.  I love being organised and enjoying the development of the first thoughts of what to wear.  In Melbourne you can't afford to be too organised too soon.  The weather is the big issue.  It could be over forty degrees or fifteen degrees Celsius.  It really doesn't matter what the season is.  

I had a wedding to go to and the various temperatures to consider.  I decided on a dress and the fabric and all was set.  Then life happened.  Alterations for two family members.  Done joyfully of course.  The planned day to sew the outfit in a timely manner disappeared  when I found out we had a funeral to attend the day before the wedding.  Couldn't miss out on this funeral.  Phil was 103 years old.  It is always a joy to meet with relatives and catch up. 

Saturday morning on the day of the wedding was the new allocated time for whipping up the dress!  Dress whipped up and was the right weight of fabric for the day.  Happy with the result. Had great plans to be organised but plans are just that ...plans.  Reality is always more hectic and an ounce of perseverance always goes along way.

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The trouble with shopping...

It's time.....