The Marriage of Fabric & Patterns. It's a relationship journey!


Sometimes before finding the partner for life there is a bit of copious dating. Not all dates work out.

Not all the memade garments that we have sewn are suitable to stay in the wardrobe long term.

It's worth making new styles and different types of Patterns. Sometimes it just works and the gamble pays off...and sometimes it doesn't. That's what makes sewing exciting. The highs and lows.


It's worth getting some marriage pre-counselling before you walk down the aisle. My husband to be wanted 3 kids. I didn't think I wanted any at all! I don't think I knew this until I was asked. He married me anyway. I asked for 5 years to consider, and we had 2 kids after this time. I like and love my kids too!


What are your expectations of life together?

So you have decided to Sew up a Pattern.

Fitted + Cut + Sewn = The marriage 

Is this a match made in heaven?

Wear it for a day and find out.

Does this garment cheer you on?

Is it a quiet garment that supports you?

Do you feel incredible in it?

Is this relationship meant to last?

Only you will know when you wear it and see if it works in your lifestyle.

Enjoy Mozart's -The Marriage of Figaro with me!  Music to Sew by

Enjoy Mozart's -The Marriage of Figaro with me!

Music to Sew by

W.I.P....never quite made it to the altar - may as well finish it, then you will know!

Just didn't work..parted ways 

No friends to go with a solo garment? ...does it get worn? Make it work harder..see what needs to be made, to make it earn it's position in your wardrobe!


Assessment criteria:

  • Do you look great in it?
  • Feel great?
  • Does it Express who you are? 


Don't wear it too much!

Overdosing in relationships kill the relationship....give them a chance to mingle with the other garments in your wardrobe during the week. Too much of a good thing ruins that fabulous feeling!


  • Mix up how you wear it
  • Enjoying wearing your other garments too

Keep the relationship fresh. Keep sewing. You are on the road to success..... and will be able to celebrate an anniversary in the future!



And that's what it's all about! 

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