"Fences" the movie - a sewist's thoughts...


Your dreams matter and affect your whole life. There is no escaping this fact. Pursuing your dreams is important. Your life depends on it! Having a talent and using it makes life exciting and less like groundhog Day. Trudging through 5 days to get to the 2 means more druge than joy. The Wednesday Humpday is a reality. 


Working at a job that isn't perfect to pay the bills is more common than working in a career that you love.  

Do what you love...Love what you do  

Ok so this isn't always possible. 

I've been there and wondered when the work situation would ever change. My Survival was only possible through sewing after work and on the weekends. Sewing truly saved my sanity and kept our family together!

Troy in the Movie Fences had his dream dashed.   He was indeed a talented baseball player and his dream career crushed due to his skin colour. It's not right. It happened back then and this is still happening in so many other forms to so many people.


Troy was living for Friday night. He was squashed. His day to day living was due to him wanting to fulfil his responsibilities. Noble but dangerous. We can only live out of overflow. If we feel jipped or shortchanged the ripple effect is that we jip everyone else. We are surly and angry. We are not operating at our best. The people who matter in our lives are missing out on the best of us..they get the residue.


Troy could have used his disappointment in a different way. Imagine if he had set up a neighbourhood baseball team and coached young kids after work. He had a baseball on a string hanging from a tree and a bat in the backyard. So confining and restricted. He couldn't look forward. He wallowed. His talent was wasted. His family truly suffered. Troy stopped having fun because he stopped being involved in baseball - the very essence of him!

Rose, his wonderful wife truly was a great woman, who gave her all to support her husband and sons. Her life was to be everything they needed. She too had lost her way. By investing everything she had in her family she neglected herself. So easy to get caught up with fulfilling everyone else's needs. When you finally get the time to do what you want...you are too tired. This becomes a habit and you forget what's really important to you. Caring for your family is important but if you forget to see to your own needs, you start to forget what they are. Making sure you are not getting forgotten is imperative. Sewing, reading, getting exercise..don't put yourself last all the time, even if it seems easier to do this. When you get your needs met, you will have a lightness of heart that will take the drudge out of the day. 


Groundhog Day is a reality when we are going through the motions of same, same, same! Inject activities into your day that make your heart sing. Give yourself permission to have daily time slots where you have "me time." Invest in yourself. Take small steps or large steps. Just take the steps! Life is always a challenge. Grab on to the fun things in life that will ensure you keep on the path. Having something to look forward to daily dispels hump day syndrome. See what changes you can make to your day. Playing martyr means everyone suffers.

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