What came first the Rabbit or the egg?

Well Easter is over but I do have a few rabbits and eggs left!  When it comes to deciding what to make for the coming season of cool days and nights, starting the process is exciting and fun. Sometimes I find the perfect fabric and then the process starts to find the right pattern to give life to this fabric.  

I was in Rathdowne Fabrics a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with some Vintage Mint woven wool  with great texture and it had two good sides.  Joyous times!  The next step was to find a cosy jacket pattern that would allow the good use of these two sides.  Kwik Sew 4030 to the rescue!  Great pattern it's reversible and I love the big collar.  I have decided to let this jacket become a coat, that finishes at the knee, so I have added 26 cm to the length.  I am in the middle of sewing it now and looking forward to wearing it soon.

Sometimes I have had a pattern that I would love to make up, but searching for the right fabric is a journey.  That journey is filled with perusing fabrics in my collection and in store.  It is an amazing experience when the penny drops and the fabric and pattern have been paired.

I love to store my patterns in big boxes in no particular order.  When I need a bit of inspiration I browse through my  favorite patterns, at the moment, and usually discover a new plan for a pattern that I have had for a while.  Usually new purchases of fabric can ignite new plans for patterns that are in my collection.

Sewing Priorities. What will be the top two you need to do today??

Would you like fries with that?