Live the life you want to live now! Stop your wardrobe from dictating to you!

We all have those items in our wardrobe that make us feel like a failure.  You know the clothes that used to fit us, the clothes we spent good money on that we never wore and the fabric that was an impulse buy.  We all make mistakes.  

The unworn clothing scream "You wasted your money."  You can't throw them out or those words will be true.  If you keep them in the wardrobe you "may wear them one day." That day will never come.  Cut your losses...give them to someone else or sell them online.  Move on from this situation that is leaving you in limbo.  These clothes are reminders of a poor decision and prevent you from moving on.  They take up too much room and they stop you from living the life you want.  Think of the extra space, access to clothes you do want to wear and less chance of clothes needing re-ironing . The constant reminder of these purchases can fade away and so can the guilt.

The clothes that used to fit us.  Life happens.  Bodies change.  We never really go back to exactly the body shape we were.  In fact when we were in that ideal body I don't believe anyone of us ever were 100% happy with it anyway.  To leave a reminder in your wardrobe that you were thinner is ridiculous.  We may as well hang up some baby romper suits in there as well.  We all were as small as a baby at one time.  Our mothers moved these outfits on for good reason.  We don't need them anymore.  Take photos of the outfits or keep some special pieces in a box.  Look at them when you feel like taking a trip down memory lane.  Constantly being told by your wardrobe that you are bigger than you used to be and that you can't fit into clothes is such a horrible experience.  It's not a great start to every day.  It attacks your confidence and you take those feeling out your front door and into your day.  Imagine looking at a full choice of clothes that fit you, choosing one  and wearing it!  You don't have to have a model's body to experience this simple process.  Get the clothes out of the wardrobe that don't fit you.  Release them.

Fabric on sale!  It happens.  Making clothes is such a gamble.  So many variables to consider. At least when buying clothes you can try them on.  Sewing is not for the fainthearted.  It is a wonderful experience to put all the elements together and have a garment you can wear.  That is the biggest rush of all.  When something works, it really works.  You create and risk it all. Fabric can make or break a pattern.  Considering and visualizing fabric and patterns is a process.  Sometimes the right pattern comes along for the right fabric in your collection.  I would however toss out poor quality fabric.  These pieces will only cause you to waste your time and produce an outfit that "you may wear one day."  Don't save fabric up.  Make up those patterns.  Dress well.  Enjoy the experience of the creation.  Wear what you love.

Lastly.....get a full length mirror and look at what you look like before you leave your house.

It's time.....

The Price of Love...