Is your Wardrobe full of your own Vintage clothes?

If your wardrobe is full but you are wearing the same 5 items every week you need to sort your wardrobe!



It's like having a huge pattern collection but  making the same TNT's- Tried and True patterns.

Wearing different clothes and making different outfits breaks the boredom and humdrum of life. It gets our creative juices going and keeps our brains from stagnating. It's like working on Crosswords and Suduko puzzles, it keeps the brain in the thinking business!


Creating is good for the soul. It keeps us interested in life and variety is the spice of life!

Are you convinced yet?


Imagine looking forward to wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in and that reveal your personality! You feeling at ease in what you are wearing for social, work and special occasions.  Imagine feeling that you are dressed appropriately... It doesn't matter what age you are, this feeling of not wearing the right outfit affects all ages. It zaps confidence and can hinder enjoyment. Having fun becomes hard work!


1. Sort Your wardrobe/patterns/fabric into like items and colours

Wardrobe : tops, pants, dresses

Toss the imperfect clothes in the bin...just do this and you will have wardrobe space for your new clothes...and you will find clothes to wear, that you have forgotten about!


Get out your scarves and accessories and put them on. Experiment and see what works. 


Look...really look at how many black tops you really need...donate the excess

Keep your wardrobe organised... all like items grouped together

See what you need to buy

Buy what you need...not another black top though


Patterns need to be  sorted:  Vintage, Tops, Pants, Skirts, Dresses, easy, difficult, casual, corporate, evening wear...


Select the patterns you intend to sew and store the rest

Keep these patterns in a box you can flick through easily while looking at your fabric


Fabric needs to be sorted: Winter, Summer, stretch-polyester, viscose, one way stretch, two-way stretch, wovens, voiles, pleather, fur, silks...


Select the fabrics you intend to sew up this season. Store the rest


Pair the fabrics with the patterns you have selected

Write up your plan on a white board or in a note book

  • Sew them up
  • Wear them
  • Enjoy the feeling of overcoming the "My wardrobe is full of nothing I can wear Syndrome"
  • Enjoy rediscovering lost garments in your wardrobe
  • Be in control of your Fabric Stash
  • Know you will be making new patterns and using your creative powers
  • Experience the joy of wearing different clothes

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Fabric + Sewing Patterns = Wardrobe....Or does it?

I can resist everything except temptation.. when it comes to Fabric!