The trouble with shopping...

It makes sense to shop when you need something!  Need, shop, buy, need fulfilled.  Oh really!  That is just so what doesn't happen.  This is how the story really goes....

Need, shop til you drop, buy something that will do, not exactly happy but at least I have come home with something.  Is that the solution that seems to be more the norm for you?  Another average clothing item that just gets squeezed into the wardrobe along with all the others.  Another black pair of pants or black evening top.  

Settling for something that fits and is much the same as the other styles you have is unexciting but safe.  Playing it safe is fine if that's where you are at the moment.  Sometimes that's all you can do.

However you can break free.  Put your big toe out of the cage and dare to change.  Be intentional about it.  Be inspired.  Look at people.  What makes you turn your head.  What outfits make you look twice.  Age and body shape are factors but do not disqualify you from this party.  Start thinking about what makes your heart beat.  It's not over and its not too late for any of us to take part in dressing to show the personality and style that is you and suits you to a T.

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Would you like fries with that?

Finding time to finish an outfit for yourself!