Did she or didn't she?!?

Sometimes when I have done a wardrobe makeover I don't take photos.  I would be happy to share with you the amazing transformations.  However in a lot of situations revealing this wonderful new person would harm them.

Some of these situations are:

  • Sensitive life situation
  • Career stalled
  • Wanting a promotion
  • Looking to move on to a better job
  • Being in a position of authority and not receiving respect
  • Getting dumped 
  • Getting left with the kids
  • Getting close to a significant birthday
  • Moving away from an inappropriate friendship group 
  • Being invisible

People hear a lot of talk. I'm going to... is less interesting than someone who just does it.  It takes a bit of organizing to do something different. If we think about a pregnancy it takes approximately 9 months.  No one really sees what is going on unless an ultrasound is involved. What people do notice is the baby that is born. 

Preparation takes time. Start, keep going, don't talk about it, be it and live it.  People will treat you differently when you make the concrete changes.

Now the transformed: are happily married, have well paying jobs, got the promotion and pay rise, are now respected, changed from being a victim to being victorious, looked better after their significant birthday, made better friends and became visible.

We all hope for a better life experience.  We all get dealt cards. Some cards are Jokers and some are Aces.  We can't avoid hard situations but we can rise again.

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