TNT sewing patterns are they Tried & True or are they exploding out of your wardrobe?

What do I love about TNT (Tried n True) Patterns?

• They fit me

• I know I'll be comfortable all day

• It's a safe option

• I don't need to read sewing instructions

• All the practice means it's a quick sew

• I can spend the sewing time I've saved by experimenting with the pattern

Drop Dress MadeIt Patterns

Drop Dress MadeIt Patterns

Why is it Dangerous for me to make too many TNT Patterns?

  1. If I make one too many of the same TNT pattern, I run the risk of hating every garment I've made with this pattern. That is dangerous ground for me. There is a thin line between love & hate and I certainly don't want to step over THAT line!

  2. I find it easy to make cutting & sewing mistakes ... being relaxed while sewing is dangerous

  3. I don't get that same rush of elation when I wear a garment for the very first time ... It's like someone let me win a race 😑

  4. I'm not using the patterns on my wish list that I want to sew

  5. I actually love to test different clothing styles and enjoy the feeling of wearing something different

  6. I want to discover more TNT Patterns

Vogue 9305

Vogue 9305

My TNT story of warning.

I used to  wear striped T-shirts.

I used to wear them a lot.

I love a black and white striped T-shirt, it's fresh, french and frisky!

My mother-in-law used to wear a lot of black and white striped T's too!

My love affair with black and white T's crashed n burned when my children told me I looked like nanna!

Oh no!!

It's no secret I love my Drop Dress Pattern. It's a fast sew.  No doubt about that!

I feel great in all the versions at the moment ... BUT

I think I have reached my limit!

A few Versions of the Drop Dress Pattern by MadeIt Patterns

A few Versions of the Drop Dress Pattern by MadeIt Patterns

I am teetering on the edge right now of wanting to make another one

but I'm not going to!

I love the drop dress and I want to stay sweet with them ... all 8 (maybe 9, or 10?)!

It's 10 Drop Dresses! Ten is a lovely number.

It's 10 Drop Dresses! Ten is a lovely number.

Do you have a "Saturation Point" where you have to stop making your TNT?

When have you made "one too many" of your TNTs? Did you survive the experience?


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