I can't change the world but..I can sew

There is so much in this world that doesn't make sense. Bullying, ripping off people, stress in jobs (that really shouldn't be stressful), family differences, illness, desertion on and on...


It would take no effort to despair and be overwhelmed. No effort at all. Mainstream media focuses on bad news. Uplifting news is hard to find. Sometimes we can be part of a solution. Sometimes we are just plain powerless. Crying for someone is sympathy but it doesn't change anything. An antidote to being overwhelmed could  be to find something that you are passionate about and do something about it...Donate your time or your money! Be involved. Do some research. Plenty of choices: woman's refuge, training a seeing-eye dog, mentor the youth, sponsor a child, turn off the television, stop reading the newspaper...be involved!


I don't always read the newspaper or look at the news. To calm my brain I sew. It doesn't change the circumstances but it stops me from feeling powerless. 


I sew and try and focus on creating. It loosens my mind and I actually feel like I have accomplished something. During times of stress my sewing machine has got me through. Energy output from worry, into making, has saved me. 

I recommend creating something. I have a Fabric and Pattern Collection. That's where I go. It's simple and effective.


Try reading some Sewing Instructions, touch some Fabric, use your imagination, sew it up. It doesn't matter if what you make isn't perfect or your body for that matter. 

Immerse yourself in your creative Sewing environmentt but keep an eye occasionally on who you can help in the real world!!

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