The Lion, The Witch & Sewing Your MeMade Wardrobe!

The Lion, The Witch & Sewing Your MeMade Wardrobe!

When you open your "memade" wardrobe you walk into another realm. A realm of fantasy realized and a life that is forever changed.

Burda 7203

Burda 7203

Remember when ...

... you didn't know how to sew

... when the only clothes you had to choose from were the clothes in the store

... you had no choice of colour or style, just what was in at the time and replicas of what everyone else was wearing

... you would turn up to functions and someone else would be wearing the same outfit as you - worst feeling ever

... you had to save up $$$ for a RTW (ready to wear) garment or put it on lay-by or wait for it to go on sale & your size would be gasp .. unavailable - another horror story

... your conversation was not about making clothes ... Gosh what on Earth did we talk about & how did we survive?

... shopping for clothes took up way too much time due to being dissatisfied with what was on offer

... group change rooms! I really can't even talk about it

Vogue 1585

Vogue 1585

Your Sewing Adventure means:

  1. Putting your spin on the clothes that represent you

  2. The style nuances that matter to you are incorporated in what you wear daily

  3. The rules you choose to break

  4. The colours that work for you not against you

  5. The refuge of fabric, creativity and being in control of your wardrobe's destiny

  6. The ability to Change your life with the Fabric and Pattern combinations you desire

The Cast & my take on their personas

Aslan: The king and god of Narnia. The noble lion sacrifices his life. 

  • Aslan is the fabric. The beginning and the end. The cloth must be sacrificed to enable it's destiny to be realized

The White Witch  This evil queen of Narnia places a spell on the land so that it is winter and never Christmas

  • The killjoys and fears that keep us in limbo land, frozen and unable to move forward on the sewing journey and prevent us from the full enjoyment of our creations

 Peter : The oldest of the Pevensie children, noble and courageous

  • Being courageous and actually cutting your fabric. Fear of making the wrong decision can prevent us from actually doing. Doing all you can to aid an outfit's success is helpful. Body shape, colour enhancing, using the fabric wisely, recognizing the styles that you love ... will help you with your pattern and style choices ... deciding what parts of your body you love and want to highlight and which parts you want to detract from. Remember when our fear was if our bum looked big ... now it's about embracing the bum (if you want to). It's very personal and all about what you love best about you.

Susan: The second oldest of the Pevensie children & beautiful. She is sweet and kind, and perhaps a neutral lover

  • Colour and drama aren't for everyone! Sometimes you just want to fit in and not be the standout! Looking great in neutrals that suit you and clothes that look Chic and classy not necessarily bland

Edmund : The third oldest Pevensie child, Edmund is a brat for most of the story. He is spiteful, mean & teases his sister Lucy

  • No matter how hard you try, you cannot expect everyone to love what you have made to wear. Some people may be threatened by your creativity or they just have different taste to you. Their way of controlling you is by turning up their noses or just plain blanking you. Move on and out of their firing range. Move closer to your cheer squad

Burda 7203

Burda 7203

Lucy : The youngest Pevensie is cheerful, kind & brave. This curious, happy-go-lucky girl is the first of the children to go into the wardrobe and venture into Narnia.

  • Be a cheer squad for others. Who knows how long it's been since someone has been given a compliment


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As .... the children ventured through the wardrobe so do you ..

Burda 7203

Burda 7203

No matter how fast or slow you sew or whether you have a large Pattern and Fabric stash or buy as required ... We are all on this journey together. We "get it", because we put ourselves out there. We all hope what we sew will be our dreams coming true. If it doesn't work, we learn.

No Sewing experience is wasted.

McCalls 7742

McCalls 7742

Making our own "MeMade" clothes is a very personal experience. Getting inspiration from others is fun. Using tips and ideas to create your own version of an outfit is what it's all about. Wearing an outfit that we have made, that has the elements we love and enjoying the components of our style, gives us the spring in our step.

Every fingerprint is unique and so are You!

Enhance what you love about yourself and move the attention to these loved features ... A neon light that says "LOOK HERE!" Not only does it detract the audience's attention away from our not so perfect bits, it also helps us to focus on what we love about ourselves too ... and therein develop confidence to be our personal Best.

The world of Narnia does exist. It's in OUR MeMade Wardrobes. We can take all that we have made and all that we hope to be, with us every day How wonderful is that!

MadeIt Patterns Drop Dress

MadeIt Patterns Drop Dress

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