Sewing Workout: How to pace yourself for Your Personal Best

Burda 6988

Burda 6988

If you haven't been to the gym for a while and you want to lift weights, you don't put Arnie Schwarzenegger weight plates on the barbell to start off with. I used to lift weights and I know from experience that when I went too high with my  weight selection, I walked like Frankenstein for a good week. Also it's  wise to build up slowly for the sake of our precious backs.

We all want to enjoy our sewing time and have a successful garment to wear after we finish sewing it. Building up to the more intricate Patterns and trickier Fabric is better than being over ambitious on day 1.

Technique is important. When you start sewing it is worth getting confident in a few basic techniques:

  • Sewing in a straight line

  • Invisible zip application

  • Fitting your body

  • Buttonholes

  • Overlocking

  • Fabric choosing

  • Reading pattern instructions


Burda Style 11/2015

Burda Style 11/2015

Building on a good foundation gives you a better chance for your garments to fit you and look fabulous. These techniques are like muscles. As you develop your muscles you can then attempt heavier weights safely. When we wear our garments we want to feel confident and enjoy the fruit of our labour ... and receive compliments too!

McCalls 2401

McCalls 2401

First time using Foldover elastic on a V neck. The Scuba Fabric made it a bit easier!

Staying on the same weights, once you have built up your muscle strength, can also be a hindrance to your gym experience... likewise with your sewing experience. Imagine going to the gym every day, doing the same exercise at the same level and not continuing to build up your strength and stamina. Life is meant to be continuous improvement so that we stay interested in life. Playing it too safe and avoiding growth causes stagnation. Stepping out and trying new things keeps us young and interesting. Courage is doing new things even while feeling fear! Making the same TNT tried and true patterns with the same type of Fabric, can lead to boredom with your wardrobe choices and in the sewing room.

Vogue 9190 Jacket Burda 6988 Dress

Vogue 9190 Jacket Burda 6988 Dress

So to achieve your Personal Best:

  • Start with the basics and practice to become proficient

  • Practise your sewing techniques on your scraps of fabric scraps before the actual garment

  • Watch YouTube/sewing blogs/take classes

  • Tip toe into adventure by trying new styles and different fabric that you "Do Love"

  • Do it afraid

  • Seek help if you need it

  • Sew it up

  • Make sure you wear it

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