Improvise Overcome Adapt ...Clint Eastwood Sewing Style!

Ahh Life!! The mountain Top Experiences and the Valleys. There are no straight lines in life...If there were, there would be no Mountain Top Highs (there is always more than one mountain..So keep holding on)!! The view from the top is truly worth the depression & doubt of the Valley. Each step we take is riddled with resistance. The climb is arduous but life was never meant to be easy...Ever. This is a war zone with small spates of Sewing... Because Life without sewing is just not worth living IMO (in my opinion)!! 


When we look at others we think everything in their lives is Rosy. Don't fool yourself with this belief. Everyone has the same ups and downs. The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. 

Dig your foot into the side of that mountain. Hold your position. Don't backslide. Hang on for Your Dear Life! Take a break, rest up, regather your a little...Do anything that it takes for you to recharge your batteries..And then continue on the upward journey. 


Perseverance and hardship create a beauty in you that cannot be produced any other way! The butterfly has the most beautiful colours in its wings. These colours are the result of an arduous journey. The cycle of life indeed! When a butterfly is in the Cocoon Stage, it needs to move through a channel that is squeezy. This pressure on the butterfly as it moves through the pupua stage produces the colours. If the Cocoon is cut open the butterfly is free but misses out on the squeezing.As a result the butterfly then misses out on having beautifully coloured wings! Pressure producing development is real.

All things pass. Bad things and good things. When you finally get to the top of the mountain then you go down again. 


The cycle of life. 

Bad luck and good luck...Let's just say it's the position you are holding at the moment on that mountain! You are not cursed if you are at the bottom of the mountain and start climbing. You and everyone else has a life journey. Stop screaming and don't give up. Use all your wits and energy to survive the ride of your life.


Feeling inspired after watching the latest screen version of the Ben Hur Movie and realising the worst life ever would be a life filled with everything working out exactly the way we planned! 

Sometimes a sewing mishap can end up being the best outfit we ever made or a learning experience that shapes us as the sewer we long to be!


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