Could the Pattern and Fabric Sales be the real reason we have a huge collection of Patterns and Fabric?

If we all paid the full price for our Fabric and Pattern collection would it be a quarter of the size?

Quite possibly yes. If I had to pay $30 per pattern I would be quite the discerning buyer!


When I look through my many patterns I am so glad I have all of them. A sleeve I cherish, a collar that I instantly eloped with, a neckline that took my breath away.  There was a reason I had to have and keep each of these patterns. These instant attractions to features are reasons for a lot of my purchases. My mind is like a filing cabinet, drawers and drawers of ideas. No time to gossip...Too busy flicking through the patterns in my collection...In my mind. Ahh! a mind that focuses on creation is not to left to it's own devices!  I need to sew. I need to create.


Maybe I'm saying that it's better to buy a pattern and sew it up rather than focus on people who drive you crazy! Sewing does provide me with a refuge from the real world. Away from problems I can't solve. To just focus on creating. Sublime refuge! We are all just a little different and all guilty of having a perspective that is "me centred" i.e. What's in it for me? No one does anything for someone unless there is something in it for them...even selfless giving makes the giver feel good!  Being aware of this situation is vital to saving hurt feelings - yours and theirs. If both parties win, then a relationship works. "Win - Win." Any other senario e.g. Lose - win, win - lose, lose - lose  is fraught with danger and hurt!


After Reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey my thoughts on doing life changed. I highly recommend this book. Warning: Even though there are no sewing tips or patterns in this book, this book could change your life too!

Being passionate and engaged in a creative pursuit is helpful to navigating life. Looking forward to the time you spend doing what you love makes the day a winner. Spending time with animals and appreciating nature, is time well spent too. 


We got a secondhand rabbit when our children were young. This rabbit was black and the size of a good sized dog...Miffy. Our backyard became a fenced playground for her. She was grumpy and an escape artist. When she was happy she leapt and bounded. A truly uplifting sight to witness. When she escaped the family were all hands on deck. We needed every family member, and sometimes the neighbours if they were available, to surround Miffy and somehow catch her before she hit the road and a car hit her. I didn't want a rabbit and really didn't want to be involved in any "catching rabbits" shenanigans. We all learnt strategic catching techniques and all felt elated when she was safe again...A family bonding in the recovery of an escape artist. At the end of the day not a waste of time after all.


Someone said, Life is not about your goals or destination but what happens along the way.

What are you doing with your pattern and fabric collection? If you have fabric and a pattern but too afraid to brave! Just sew it. Even if it doesn't turn out exactly as you imagined. You've learnt something along the way. Buying a gym membership and never going to the gym won't deliver a fit body and neither will sitting on a pile of patterns and fabric, that are languishing  and waiting to have their destiny fulfilled.


Take a look into your Fabric Collection and browse through your library of Patterns. Do something with them. While you're at it enjoy the re-ignition of passion you had when you first bought them. I highly recommend it. After returning from Sewexpo Puyallup/Seattle this last week, I had to really look deeply for my Sewing Mojo! I went to the source of my Sewing Mojo.... my Fabric and my Patterns. Touching Fabric and flipping through patterns...Then I made a quick stretch pull on skirt. Back in the saddle again!! Let the Sewing Adventures begin again!!

Let your sewing Adventures begin!

Let your new addiction be..... "Your Sewing journey to Your memade wardrobe!"

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