I can resist everything except temptation.. when it comes to Fabric!

What Fabric do you have in your Stash that keeps your Creative Heart beating?

Do you know what you can't say No to?


Look in your Stash and discover the Fabric or Patterns that you will never fall out of love with. You can't and won't because of the elements that make up these fabrics or patterns. 

Is it: Vintage, Natural fibres, Stretch, Woven, Dramatic design, Drapey, Firm fabric, easy care, Crease-proof? ....

Knowing what you really love helps you resist what is "Good but not Great!"


Imagine sewing with Fabric and Patterns you love. Spare time becomes Sewing time. Instead of finding excuses not to sew, you get the shopping, cleaning, cooking and house up to date so you can sew.


If we are excited about our Sewing Projects we make sure we make the time to do them. If we have projects we really don't want to do....we don't. Recognise your heartbeat. If we are excited it means we will have more fun.


Creative activities should be fun and not a drudge. Assess what you are committing your time to. If you have alterations, do small amounts and reward yourself by doing what you love, too!

You are in control of what you say yes to. Say no to the good, so you have more time to say yes to the great!!



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Is your Wardrobe full of your own Vintage clothes?

To be or not to be....That is the Question??