Be Still My Beating Heart......

I love to be brave when making clothes.  I love doing creative projects.  I do not love the free fall. All was going so well with Kwik Sew  4030.  Easy to cut out.  decided against the pockets as I was going to do a reversible coat and wanted both sides to be "good sides."  The seams were finished.  I decided that as I had just a bit extra fabric why not make this coat go to my knees so I can wear more dresses this Winter.  This unique fabric is truly delightful.  Not to be repeated as it is Vintage.

The first try on revealed that the front works like a double breasted jacket.  Doesn't work with my figure though!  What to do?  There had to be an answer because this coat was going to be worn.  A solution was yet to be discovered!!  I decided to cut a 7 cm width from the front edge and collar.  This was done after it was sewn up and before I had finished the edges.  I must say I felt like I was getting somewhere.  Still not completely happy though.  I finished the edges by turning back the fabric and tucking under 0.5 cm.  This fabric was not the fraying type and behaved well.  So the only solution with this adjusted pattern was to turn back the lower front lapel and hand sew the edges to the waist line. I then had the problem of the extra fabric where the collar popped out at the waist band.  Good Grief!!!!  I made a 2.5 cm tuck and sewed it by hand, added a couple of interesting wooden buttons from my button collection and voila!! I love my new coat. 

Case solved. Next project here we go.

Did she or didn't she?!?

Deciding between good and great.