Do you remember when you bought that fabric and why you "Just had to have it!"?

We don't need to keep buying Fabric if we aren't making garments on a regular basis. You have what you need right now. That being said... you may need to make an additional Fabric purchase if another Fabric will help create the outfit! Some Fabric purchases are "orphans" and need a bit more work to make them into favorite outfits in your wardrobe. 


Some Fabric is just awesome and can be made into a statement top or jacket that brings new life to your existing Wardrobe pieces. 

Light, floaty Fabric can be made into accessories or toppers for your base pieces. These light and colourful pieces are always great to take on holiday. It's nice to have holiday photos of you in different outfits and these extra pieces prevent you from going stir crazy from wearing the same clothes every day. A change is as good as a holiday and having a few more Wardrobe options makes the holiday more enjoyable!


Why not spend time with the fabulous Fabric you already own? You have spent years collecting it and now is the time to take the next step...

Decide what to make out of it! 

But how? 

Try holding the Fabric in your hands. Measure the amount you have to help you decide what you can actually make with it! Hold it against your body and look in the mirror. Try and visualise a dress, top, jacket, skirt... Take your Fabric to meet your wardrobe. See if there is some connection with the Fabric and some of your garments. Consider and imagine.


Next to your Pattern collection! Maybe make a simple garment to start you off on your sewing journey. You could make a TNT (tried and true pattern) or you could use a Pattern that you've have in your collection for a while.

Check out:


or just Google e.g. Vogue1234patternreview, to see what others have thought of the pattern and see what it looks like in real life. A bit of research is a good idea. Tip: Look at the bodies of the people who have tested the pattern. If they have an hour glass figure and you don't, then you need to look for someone who has a similar body shape to you for a more accurate assessment of the pattern.


Check your supplies. 

Cut it out. 

Sew it up. 

There have begun. 


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Let the Sewing begin..

Size doesn't matter when you feel great in your clothes...So..Sew that Wardrobe and wear it.