Sewing Patterns- Love at First Sight

Looking through a Sewing Pattern catalogue is inspiring! The New Season is upon us and Winter or Summer is fading into the background. We are thrilled to see the New Season releases. 


There are reasons we are attracted to the patterns we choose to buy.

Some are:

  • The fabric used to promote the garment
  • The tailoring details
  • The draping Style
  • The designer
  • The lines of the garment
  • The colour the model is wearing
  • The model! We want to look like her
  • Simple with few Pattern pieces
  • Complicated and many pattern pieces
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Dart placement
  • Decade Pattern was produced
  • Comfort  
  • Stretch or woven Fabric  
  • Fashion trend 
  • How much fabric the pattern needs
  • Body shape
  • Body proportion
  • Sewing skill level
  • Your sewing friends have made it

Pattern Catalogues are like dating sites!

We look at the photo, we read the facts, we choose based on what is important to us.

We purchase....we date....

the connection is made.


We take it home and hope for the best. 

We might be a bit too nervous to take it out of the packet, so it sits in the pattern collection waiting. It is not alone. There are many patterns here waiting. Hope is still alive.


We have purchased a Hope!

  • Hope it works on my Body
  • Hope I find the same fabric so I can have exactly the same garment
  • Hope it fits
  • Hope I can look exactly the same as the model
  • Hope I look like I'm in fashion
  • Hope I feel fabulous in it
  • Hope this garment will give me wardrobe options
  • Hope I have the same success my sewing friend had

There is a lot of pressure on this sewist/pattern relationship. It's make or break. 

Looking at the reasons behind our choices helps us make better choices.

Sometimes it's best NOT to make the Patterns in your collection. They could be time and fabric wasters. 


If you date a dangerous guy because you want excitement, then you may get more excitement than you bargained for! Good thing patterns are addictive and not dangerous!

Look at your WHY! 

Save yourself from wasting your precious time and fabric.

If you need help, I am here. 


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