This is Your Life....Recipe

We all have a lot in common. We are all born, have two parents, have a birth date  and an expiry date. Between these the variables are endless.  None of these variables are perfect. No one has a perfect recipe.

Who gave birth to you? Sometimes this question raises more heartache than delight. That's life. Some of us were planned, some a surprise and some unwanted. It didn't stop us from being born though. We are here because we were born. We could spend a lifetime rehashing the experiences we have had with the people who happen to be our parents. Some stories will be filled with joy and happiness and some will not. This is who we are. There isn't much we can do about the past. That's why it's called the past. Processing the events of childhood do take time. Some wonderful childhoods launch you into a great life. Poor beginnings can also do the same thing. For others the opposite is true! Why is that so?

What we do with our ingredients is the key. Can we mix these ingredients and make a new recipe that perfectly uses every tear and wound into a masterpiece? It can be done. It has been done before and more than likely, be done again. Parents aren't perfect but We can use the ingredients in unique ways to thrive. 

Looking back over history is helpful to see where you have come from. Continuing to look back is restricting because you cannot look forward at the new journey. While you are still looking back, you won't see oncoming traffic, new doors opening or new opportunities. You will miss out. 

temp_squared_picture (64).jpg

Take small steps. Baby steps to move forward. When that tape recording starts in your head...He did this...she said that..I was one cares.. Stop the tape. Every time it starts. Some days you will stop the tape sooner than others. Keep trying. Remember you need to turn your head from looking back to looking forward. Look forward. Start seeing what you can do today. Tomorrow remember the success you had when you turned the tape recording off. Help someone else. Be someone else's cheer squad. Be intentional and move forward.

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