The Frocktails story!

Six months ago I heard about a function called "Frocktails" on Instagram.  What a lovely title! Intriguing and fun at the same time.  Of course this event had been sold out long before I even knew about it.  I did really want to go though!  A couple of weeks ago someone dropped out and I am going. Joy!!

Well of course then the creative thoughts run riot.  Some sewists actually have the same fabrics in their collection that I have.  I love Instagram because as the dresses are being created there is often a bit of visual sharing going on.  I have discovered that it is possible to consider the same fabric for this event.  Good thing my fabric collection can withstand a change of mind.  There has been a lot of talk about a Plan B and some talk of Plan C.  It feels like a scene from Gone with the Wind where all the women are deciding on their Ball dresses

I really love seeing what fabric delights women and what they decide to create with it.  It really is an exciting time in the lead up.  I am really looking forward to seeing all the dresses.  What a great idea.  Can't wait to see the girls in person and have a fun night.

But first things first getting Dress B made before the deadline!

Deciding between good and great.

When you can't think...grab a dress!