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Mentor Program

Passionate about bringing out the best in you.  

My name is Anne Whalley and I am passionately focused on providing image makeover services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

The Pattern Whisperer/Image Consultant  

Come and join the growing number of sewing enthusiasts on my mentor program! Tailored to your style and expertise!

Next Level Up Sewing with Style Program!! 

12 Month Mentoring and Coaching with Anne Whalley. Designed to take you from the "as is" On and Up to the Next Level. This program is personally tailored to you. It is fun, challenging and rewarding for every level of sewist. 

You and I will talk through your game plan to result in your greater sewing successes.

  • Provided by Video calls to you anywhere in the world.
    Initial one on one discussion with me to Analyse your Style. Followed by

  • 4 Seasons (3 monthly), OR monthly of Sewing Coaching & Mentoring. These sessions can be tailored to your needs. We will discuss and set a plan for your Sewing Journey that we will take together.

  • Advice with selecting your best patterns & fabric. Take me fabric shopping with you!

Get ready to get excited about what comes off your sewing table!

Mentor program membership $AUD375-  or $USD300- all inclusive

I also offer other services for all levels of Sewists, including; Colour and Style Analysis, Public and motivational speaking. Fund raising events and shopping trips, Consulting services for Special function outfits, Holiday Capsule wardrobes, wardrobe audits and deciphering your style ingredients. 

My passion is to help you dress to capture your personality & help to select your best colours that enhance you and make your clothes look great on you! 

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Mary Ellen P: Ended the day with a Video Conference the the amazing Anne Whalley - she spent over 1 -1/2 hours with me. She’s soooooo encouraging, honest & a whiz at pairing fabric with patterns - ways to add details - Oh my head is swirling from all the ideas of the day

Saima: What an inspiration. I loved how comfortable and stylish you looked. Many thanks for inspiring me to renew sewing.  cheers  

Stephanie: I met the lovely Anne via Instagram.   Discovering her videos photos and blog was like a breath of fresh air.   I had always wanted to get colour advice but was always conscious of having the right person.  Being someone who also sewed and shared a love of colour/texture I instantly new Anne was the right person for me. When we met she was incredibly friendly /honest and very welcoming.   I felt like we could have chattered for hours.  The colour consult was just what I needed to give me the inspiration and confidence to explore and look at colour in a whole new way.   I actually feel like I've had a total makeover!!!

Yvonne C: I really enjoyed today and spent a lot of the trip home going through ideas to implement my style. Thanks again.

Patty: Anne and I had our first session of the mentor program last week. I was very impressed with how she was able to take my questionnaire answers and come up with a style description that really resonated with me. We discussed all aspects of style, and she really listened to and addressed my specific needs.

Her pattern recommendations were interesting and inspiring. I am looking at my pattern and fabric stash with new eyes. Anne is enthusiastic, encouraging and accessible.

This first session was so enlightening and fun! I am really excited about and looking forward to our future sessions. Thanks Anne!

Kate W: I have always felt very challenged by shopping for clothes and tend to shop at op shops and thrift stores to find bargains because I can feel overwhelmed in clothing stores. I often buy individual pieces because I like them for reasons like the colour, texture, pattern or brand and even though I do really like them, I never actually get around to wearing them. My weight has fluctuated over the years and now I tend towards the 'plus' sizes and usually end up throwing on whatever actually fits, is comfortable and hides the bulges. For these reasons I had some trepidation about opening up my wardrobe to be critiqued!However, Anne did a wonderful job of making me feel at ease, and our session felt more like a meaningful bout of 'girl talk' than a makeover and I certainly was not being critiqued. The session with Anne has breathed new life into my tired approach to clothing. Through this session, I now have information and tools that I can use to choose clothing in styles, combinations and colours that strongly resonate with who I am and what I want to achieve through my image. This is something that has previously eluded me. I can now use a process of elimination by colour, pattern, fabric and shape, and can focus on these practical things, rather than wasting money buying clothes 'that I like' but never wear. My session with Anne has sparked a sense of being empowered, and I can finally stop blaming my figure or my lack of 'style' for not being able to wear certain clothing.I have also regifted the unused half of my wardrobe back to the op shop by using these principals, finally minimising my wardrobe to pieces that work with each other and with me. I also dyed a bunch of clothes that I never wore, and some pieces I have already been wearing in the new colours that better suit my tones.I have already recommended Anne's services to friends who are in the same boat of having a wardrobe full of clothes but routinely struggle to find one single outfit to wear! Anne is like a wardrobe angel who can tell you things you need to know with such a lovely, friendly manner that you'll be pulling out your most malfunctioning article so she can tell you all the ways you went wrong! Thank you Anne for helping me with something I otherwise may never have addressed myself. 

JW: Hi Anne, I want to thank you for your advice on Friday. I found it very helpful and there is a lot for me to consider. Fortunately a number of pieces in my fabric stash fit the colour palette you prescribed. I also liked your advice about making a bit of a collection before unleashing my new self on the world - doable.

Brenda Marks, Ed. D Anne took the initial information that I provided and came back with insightful and helpful ideas about my style recipe (which I've struggled to define) and a range of sewing pattern choices that are inspiring.

Our conversation showed Anne's talents in careful listening and responding to my situation. This was a true dialogue focused on my situation.

I came away from our initial conversation inspired to forge ahead with developing a new style, which I have wanted to do, but until I didn't know how. Anne encouraged me by acknowledging where I am (my style strengths) and building on that foundation. Her suggestions for incorporating new items is attainable and exciting. 

I'm transitioning through a medical situation that will leave me with a different body and will require a huge change in my clothing. One of the most touching things Anne said is that we should start now because, "We are dressing the essence of who you are, and that won't change." Her support is immeasurably helpful. 

An addition to all that gushy stuff, Anne is saving me time and money by helping me to focus my style experiments and make choices to show the world who I am.